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Learn about the National Certification Program standards. IADLEST National Certification Program brings all training certifications under one banner, to make sure training counts for everyone and everywhere. Training providers can view the classroom and online rubrics to gain a better understanding of how their training will be evaluated.

 POLICEONE ACADEMYAnti-Bias Training for Law EnforcementExternal2020-11-14
 POLICEONE ACADEMYAnti-Harassment in the WorkplaceExternal2020-11-14
 POLICEONE ACADEMYCampus Based Training: Clery ActExternal2020-11-14
POLICEONE ACADEMYDe-Escalation and Minimizing Use of ForceExternal2020-11-14
POLICEONE ACADEMYEmotional Intelligence for LeadersExternal2020-11-14
POLICEONE ACADEMYEmployee RetentionExternal2020-11-14
POLICEONE ACADEMYHuman Trafficking, Part 1External2020-11-14
POLICEONE ACADEMYInteracting with the Mentally Ill as a First ResponderExternal2020-11-14
POLICEONE ACADEMYAmbush Awareness and PreparationExternal2020-11-16
POLICEONE ACADEMYImplicit BiasExternal2020-11-16
POLICEONE ACADEMYLaw Enforcement and the Family DynamicExternal2020-11-16
POLICEONE ACADEMYRacial Profiling Part 1External2020-11-16
POLICEONE ACADEMYCultural Awareness and Diversity OverviewExternal2020-11-19
POLICEONE ACADEMYDeveloping LeadershipExternal2020-11-19
POLICEONE ACADEMYDistracted While DrivingExternal2020-11-19
POLICEONE ACADEMYEating Right for Health and FitnessExternal2020-11-19
POLICEONE ACADEMYSchool Resource OfficersExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYSexual Harassment for ManagersExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYShaping an Ethical Workplace CultureExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYSuspects in Medical DistressExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYLitigation ProceduresExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYOpioid Crisis: Protecting Our First RespondersExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYPREA – Prison Rape Elimination ActExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYPresenting Effective Testimony in a CourtroomExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYArrest, Search, & Seizure (Fourth Amendment)External2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYBuilding Financial Strength in First Responder FamiliesExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYDispatcher: Stress ManagementExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYHate Crimes Training For Law EnforcementExternal2020-11-26
POLICEONE ACADEMYEmployee RecognitionExternal2020-11-27
POLICEONE ACADEMYRecognition Of Child Abuse And NeglectExternal2020-11-27
POLICEONE ACADEMYUnderstanding and Responding to Excited Delirium CallsExternal2020-11-27
POLICEONE ACADEMYSexual Harassment in the WorkplaceExternal2020-11-27
POLICEONE ACADEMYOfficer Wellness & Mental Health AwarenessExternal2020-11-30
POLICEONE ACADEMYRecognizing and Responding to Domestic ViolenceExternal2020-11-30
POLICEONE ACADEMYThe LGBTQ CommunityExternal2020-11-30
POLICEONE ACADEMYEthics in Law EnforcementExternal2020-12-19
POLICEONE ACADEMYGenerational DifferencesExternal2020-12-19
FBI NATIONAL ACADEMY ASSOCIATESComprehensive Officer Resilience Train-the-TrainerClassroom2020-12-29
VIGILANT SOLUTIONSFacial Recognition Technology and Best PracticesClassroom2021-01-03
VIRTRAHigh Risk Vehicle Stop: Communication to CustodyClassroom2021-01-07
POLICEONE ACADEMYWorkplace Stress ResiliencyOnline2021-01-07
VIRTRASimulation Science: Foundations of Simulated Event Training (Module 1 of VirTra ATCC)Classroom2021-02-15
KOGNITOTrauma-Informed Policing with Tribal YouthExternal2021-04-10
VIRTRAVirTra Gap Analysis and TroubleshootingClassroom2021-04-25
BLUE TO GOLD LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING, LLCAdvanced Search & Seizure 1-DayClassroom2021-06-10
FORCE SCIENCE INSTITUTEFundamentals of Realistic De-escalationClassroom2021-06-19
POLICING WITH INSIGHTPolicing With InsightClassroom2021-06-21
NRANRA School Shield Security Assessor TrainingClassroom2021-06-21
IADLEST - TXDOTDDACTS Strategic Agency Planning SessionClassroom2021-06-21
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 1 - Data Driven Strategy BasicsOnline2021-06-21
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 2 - DDACTS in ActionOnline2021-06-21
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 3 - Connectivity: What is it? Why do I need it? And how do I get it!?Online2021-06-21
VIRTRAVirTra Advanced V-MarksmanshipClassroom2021-06-28
ALENTADO TRAINING CONSULTANTS, LLCIntroduction to Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement Level I & II Non GrammarClassroom2021-06-28
VIGILANT SOLUTIONSLicense Plate Recognition Technology and Best PracticesClassroom2021-06-28
REDUCING CRIME LLCPolice Commander's Crime Reduction CourseClassroom2021-07-01
VIRTRAVirTra Fundamentals of V-MarksmanshipClassroom2021-07-15
FORCE SCIENCE INSTITUTERealistic De-escalation Instructor CourseClassroom2021-07-17
CENTER FOR DOMESTIC PREPAREDNESSField Force Operations FOUOClassroom2021-07-23
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 7 - Making Analytics Easier with ExpressionsOnline2021-07-29
IADLESTData Driven Approaches to Crime & Traffic SafetyClassroom2021-08-02
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 4 - Everything Tables and LinkingOnline2021-08-15
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 5 - Creating Master Tables Using 'Make Table' and 'Append' QueriesOnline2021-08-15
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 6 - Data Quality and Cleaning Tips Like You've Never Seen Before!Online2021-08-15
RL OATMAN & ASSOCIATES, INC.Dignitary and Executive Protection ProgramClassroom2021-09-03
IADLEST - TXDOTData-Driven Strategies: Prepping Data- Part 1Classroom2021-09-03
IADLEST - TXDOTData-Driven Strategies: Analyzing Data.- Part 2Classroom2021-09-03
IADLEST - TXDOTData-Driven Strategies: Reporting and Automated Processes- Part 3Classroom2021-09-03
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 8 - How to Identify "Top" Locations, Offenders, and More with QueriesOnline2021-09-06
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 9 - Reports and MacrosOnline2021-09-06
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 10 - Z-Score and Statistical Significance Made Easy (Excel)Online2021-09-06
ODIN TRAINING SOLUTIONS INC.Effective FacilitationOnline2021-09-16
CODE 9 PROJECTCode 9 Project First Responder S.H.A.R.E WorkshopsClassroom2021-09-16
CODE 9 PROJECTCode 9 Project Command Staff WorkshopsClassroom2021-09-16
RL OATMAN & ASSOCIATES, INC.7 Day Residential Dignitary & Executive Protection ProgramClassroom2021-09-27
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 11 - Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for DDACTSOnline2021-09-27
IADLEST - TXDOTPart 12 - Dots on the MapOnline2021-09-27
SECOND SIGHT TRAINING SYSTEMSThreat Awareness for Law EnforcementExternal2021-10-14
BLUE COURAGEBlue Courage: The Heart and Mind of the GuardianClassroom2021-10-18
VIRTRAActive Threat/Active Killer (ATAK):Basic Principles-(Module 1)Classroom2021-10-30
BLUE TO GOLD LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING, LLCAdvanced Search & Seizure: Traffic StopsClassroom2021-11-15
POLIS SOLUTIONS, INC.T3 - Tact, Tactics, and Trust Basic User CourseClassroom2021-12-16
PREMIER POLICE TRAINING, LLCConfident Non-Escalation: This is Where De-Escalation Training BeginsClassroom2021-12-30
IADLEST/COPS OFFICEEvery Officer is a Leader - Line OfficerClassroom2022-01-20
IADLEST/COPS OFFICEEvery Officer is a Leader - ExecutiveClassroom2022-01-23
IADLEST/COPS OFFICEEvery Officer is a Leader - Train-the-TrainerClassroom2022-01-23
VendorCourse TitleTypeExpiration
VirtraActive Threat/Active Killer (ATAK): Decision Making-(Module 2)Classroom2022-01-28
Strategies for Youth, Inc.Policing the Teen BrainClassroom2022-01-30
Sitna SolutionsEmotional Intelligence for Public SafetyClassroom2022-02-17
Derrick Crews, INCIVerbal Influence & Documenting Use of ForceClassroom2022-02-21
IADLESTNational Agency Strategic Planning Session - Maximizing the DDACTS ModelClassroom2022-02-28
The ALERRT Program at Texas State UniversityActive Attack Integrated ResponseClassroom2022-03-02
VirtraTourniquet ApplicationClassroom2022-03-02
VirtraWeapon Transitions Concepts & SkillsClassroom2022-03-02
National Criminal Justice Training Center/Fox Valley Technical CollegeChild Abduction Response Team Training (CART)Classroom2022-03-06
Virtual AcademyWellness and Resiliency in 9-1-1External2022-03-09
Equine Assisted Learning Training Center EALTCSelf-Control Awareness and Resilience TrainingClassroom2022-03-12
Landing Zone Safety OrganizationHelicopter Landing Zone Safety OrganizationOnline2022-04-13
Autism FYI OrgLEO Interactions with the Autism Spectrum PopulationOnline2022-04-24
Policeone AcademyCOVID-19 for Law EnforcementExternal2022-04-24
First Responder Disability Awareness TrainingLaw Enforcement Disability Awareness Train the TrainerClassroom2022-04-24
VirtraSpecial Populations: AutismClassroom2022-05-20
VirtraDriving Simulator curriculum: Emergency Vehicle Operation (E.V.O.)Classroom2022-05-20
Operation 2 Save LivesEstablishign a Community Behavioral Health Outreach ProgramClassroom2022-05-27
National Emergency Number AssociationCenter Training Officer CourseClassroom2022-06-11
Force Science InstituteAdvanced Force Science Specialist CourseClassroom2022-08-04
R3Results LLCVerbally Defusing Violent confrontationsClassroom2022-08-07
On Q SafetyEmergency Vehicle Operation (EVO) Intersection Negotiation - LEOnline2022-08-07
Get SafeCrisis Intervention & De-Escalation TrainingClassroom2022-08-07
Center for Applied Insight Conflict Resolution LLCInsight Policing virtual TrainingClassroom2022-08-17
VirTraHuman Factors in Force EncountersClassroom2022-08-17
Center for Police Leadership & Ethics InternationalDecision Point: Unifying our Communities One Moral Choice at a TimeClassroom2022-08-17
VirTraTournaquet Application Under ThreatClassroom2022-08-26
Force Science InstituteIntroduction to Human dynamics and Conflict ResoltuionClassroom2022-08-27
VirTraInjured Officer Handgun ManipulationClassroom2022-08-27
Impact Learning DesignEnhancing Law Enforcement Response to Children Exposed to ViolenceOnline2022-08-27
National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C)The Elder Abuse Guide for Law EnforcementExternal2022-09-02
National Emergency Number AssociationEnhanced Caller ManagementClassroom2022-09-09
Icarus Aerospace Inc.UAS for Public SafetyClassroom2022-09-10
IADLESTEvidence-Based Strategic Decision MakingClassroom2022-09-11
IADLEST-TxDOTTruck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training: Train-theTrainer CourseClassroom2022-09-16
IADLEST-TxDOTTruck and Bus Traffic Enfocement TrainingClassroom2022-09-16
Family Violence InstituteAPRAIS-Arizona Intamate Partner Risk Assessment Instrument SystemExternal2022-09-16